Night is Falling #1 - CK Exclusive - REMARKED - Armando Ramirez

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Writer: Greg Tulonen, Karen L. Dodd, Barry Dodd | Artist: Alysa Avery | Cover: Armando Ramirez


Fifteen-year-old Valerie Haskell and her family have moved to the sleepy coastal town of Jonah's Harbor Maine. Little do they realize this perfectly picturesque community has begun to show signs of a creeping evil. It is not long before the darkness descends on their family and Valerie is pulled into a horrifying discovery that only she and her new friends are aware of. Jonah's Harbor is being plagued by an ancient malicious vampire!

NIGHT IS FALLING is an eerie 10-issue comic book series centering around a group of neighborhood kids who join forces to thwart a sinister plot involving an ancient vampire who has crept into their town during the hot New England summer of 1977. 

**Guaranteed 9.2 or better. Please contact us at after purchase to ask about CBCS grading, which takes about 12 months, or about COAs.