Power Hour #2 Preview - CK Fan Expo Dallas Exclusive - Ltd 10 Metal - Sheldon Bueckert

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Limited print run of ONLY 10 CK-numbered metal virgins each!!!

Homage to Dave Stevens' Vampirella #1!!!

Writer: Shawn Hudachko, Dolan Waddick | Artist: Alé Garza | Cover: Sheldon Bueckert

THE SECRET IS OUT! Jennifer has told her best friend Tara about the book and her powers. Tara helps Jennifer push her powers to new limits but can she contend with a bear? And what of the mysterious raven-haired lady? What are her intentions with Jennifer? Read the latest action-packed adventure of Power Hour to find out!

From the creators that brought you Jinkies and Miss Meow, Power Hour is back with even more sexy covers and another amazing issue! With interior art by Alé Garza, you don't want to miss the next instalment of Kickstarter's hottest hero.

**All comics guaranteed 9.2 or better.