Red Sonja: Age Of Chaos #2 - 1:60 Ratio "Icon" Variant - Gabriele Dell'Otto

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Writer: Erik Burnham | Artist: Jonathan Lau | Cover: Gabriele Dell'Otto

Cover is a reproduction of Red Sonja #3 (2005)!

Red Sonja is fully made to understand that her victory over Kulan Gath not only led to the invasion of her world by a whole new kind of evil. but may cause time itself to end... much to the delight of the goddess of death, Mistress Hel. Only Sonja can set things right -- but what she needs to do so will cost her a bargain with Lady Demon, as well as a personal quest her ego doesn't want to accept. Thankfully she has backup in the form of the half-vampire, Chastity -- and a good thing, too. To fix the path of fate, Sonja will need all the help she can get! The AGE OF CHAOS continues here!

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