Faro's Lounge - CK Exclusive - Skeletor Cosplay "Naughty" - CGC 9.8 Graded Slab - Sheldon Bueckert

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Writer/Artist: Faro Kane | Cover: Sheldon Bueckert

Limited print run of ONLY 100 regular and 100 topless covers!!! Limited print run of ONLY 20 metal sets!!!

Chapter 1 of the story of a man that goes back in time to prevent the Lincoln assassination. He gets there with only five minutes to spare, and he blows it. Gets thrown in an asylum and left to die. Sells his soul to the Devil, goes back to the beginning of time. Falls in love, takes over the entire world, gets crushed by The Wrath of God and wakes up with a chance to do it all over again. Except now he has a five-year head start.