Guns & Angels Preview - NYCC Exclusive - Jamie Tyndall

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Creators: Jamie Tyndall, Shawn Hudachko | Writer: Jesse Snider | Artist: Ronilson Freire | Cover: Jamie Tyndall

Limited print run of only 200 naughty virgins and 100 naughty sketch virgins!!!


Enter the world of the “Gun Angels” at your own peril. In this ongoing, international shoot ‘em up we will follow the secret exploits of the most deadly assassins on planet Earth!

From Russia, meet “The Black Unicorn”, order of the Bratva, in the midst of a ransom of a child, is HIS the face of TRUE EVIL…?

From the US, meet “The Game”, order of the Winchester, telling a tale of his early days in the business as a hired gun... but what makes this wise-cracking, risk-taking gunslinger so determined?

From the UK, meet “Bang”, order of the Gun Angels & “The Hustler”, order of the Demon Knives, fighting over a hit! Are these rival assassins actually at odds? Or is there something deeper going on?

Finally, from Norway, meet “Goll”, princess of the order of the Frozen Ax, forced to overcome her fear of death by skydiving... without a parachute.

Shootouts, slit throats, severed heads & deadly pursuits! True love, true evil & true conspiracy!!

**Comics guaranteed to be 9.2 or higher.