Notti & Nyce: The Zombie King Gambit - CK Exclusive - METAL and CHROME!!! - Nathan Szerdy

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Writer: Marat Mychaels | Artists: Marat Mychaels, Adelso Corona, Dietrich Smith, Jacob Bear | Cover: Nathan Szerdy

Limited print run of 20 metal and 20 chrome Notti & Nyce sets for CK's Fourth Anniversary!!! 

Buckle up for 48 pages of full color Notti and Nyce versus the zombie king and his horde of slutty zombies in the crazy irreverent Notti and Nyce style. Written by Marat Mychaels. With art by Marat Mychaels (Deadpool Corps, Lady Death, Do You Pooh), Adelso Corona (Major X, Deadpool, and Bloodshot), Dietrich Smith (Battlestar Galactica, Bionic Man, Bitter Roots) and Jacob Bear (My Nightarish Little Venomous Ponies). The most fun ride you’ll take this year!

 **All comics guaranteed 9.4 or better.