Red Sonja #24 & Vampirella #18 - Exclusive Connecting Covers - Josh Burns

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Limited print run of 500 connecting sets!!!

Vampirella #18
WriterChristopher Priest | ArtistErgun Gunduz | Cover: Josh Burns
Having been tried in absentia by the Vampiri state, Vampirella's mother Lilith's conviction on sedition charges is a done deal by the time she finally arrives on her home world. Can Vampi allow her mother's execution, or will she again risk banishment from her home world by coming to Lilith's rescue?

Red Sonja #24
Writer: Mark Russell | Artist: Alessandro Miracolo | Cover: Josh Burns
Mark Russell's epic run on Red Sonja comes to a close. Sonja The Red's reign is tested as never before, and will set the stage for a new tale, in next month's Red Sonja #25...

**This set is expected to ship in late March 2021. Comic Kingdom of Canada will not be offering or accepting refunds for any delayed comics that are out of our control. We appreciate your understanding.

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