Super-Cerebus Vs. Covid-19 #1 One-Shot - 10/27/21

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(W) David Birdsong, Matt Dow, Benjamin Hobbs, Eddie Khanna, Laura McFarland, Sean Michael Robinson, Dave Sim (A) David Birdsong (A/CA) Gustave Dore, Dave Sim, Benjamin Hobbs


On a distant planet, in front of a star-studded cast of CIH? and Gustave Dore characters, Super-Cerebus and Covid-19 duke it out for... well, we don't really know! The important thing is they duke it out! Why a distant planet? No idea. We don't explain classic 1970s story premises, we just make fun of them. Stop asking so many questions and just thrill to this galaxy-spanning tale of a super-heroic aardvark and the microscopic basketball with knobby little things sticking out of it that paralyzed a planet and thrilled an entire generation.

Limited to 2326 copies.

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