Harley Quinn #39 - CK Shared Exclusive - FOIL C2E2 & Calgary Expo Exclusive - DAMAGED COPY - Sozomaika

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Limited print run of 1500 FOIL C2E2 and Calgary Expo virgin covers!!!

Writer: Tini Howard | Artist: Natacha Bustos | Cover: Sozomaika

Hey, Puddin'! Meet the new and improved Harley Quinn SUPER-VILLAIN FOR HIRE. THAT'S RIGHT, YOU JABRONIS I'M BACK AND I'M BUSTIN' HEADS. Okay, just between you and me though, this is all part of a secret plan I got going to study some of Gotham's worst, up close and personally. Think of it as an anthropologic study and don't get your brain all flustered. Plus: Zip! Pow! Xoinko! Feast your eyes on my interstellar delights as yer girl takes a trip into outer space to hang with star babes and slay some serious outer space stinkers brought to you by my great-grousemother Erica Henderson!

**We are unable to offer a grading guarantee on dinged and damaged products, or detail specific damage on each book. Estimated graded are between 8.5 and 9.2 on all dinged and damaged comics.