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Orbit: Eminem - CK Shared Exclusive - Punisher #1 Homage - Caio Cacau

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Limited print run of 600 or each trade dress and 300 of each virgin, 35 foil and 35 metal of each trade dress and each virgin, and 35 retailer appreciation virgins!!!

Writer: Eric M. Esquivel | Artist: Martin Gimenez | Cover: Caio Cacau

Introducing the latest addition to the comic book realm: the biography of Eminem! While most comic book heroes boast just a single alter ego, Marshall Mathers, also known as "Eminem" and "Slim Shady," defies convention with not one, but two personas. Given the whirlwind of drama, tragedy, and triumph that has characterized his life, one might even wonder why he doesn't possess a third alter ego!

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