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Vampirella: Dark Reflections #1 - 1:10 Ratio Variant - Joanie Brosas Cosplay

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Writer: Tom Sniegoski, Jeannine Acheson | Artist: Daniel Maine | Cover: Lucio Parrillo

A new miniseries from the writers of Vampiverse explodes onto comic shelves in June! Lilith, a daughter of Vampirella, now working for the Reality Corp., has been assigned her first mission, investigating an anomaly in one of the many threads of the Fabric where the Vampirella of that world has gone eerily silent. Upon reaching this reality, Lilith discovers a world overrun by the spawn of Chaos and a Vampirella beaten and broken by the forces she has sworn to combat. It is up to Lilith to save this world from a monstrous evil and to restore Vampirella to the warrior of Order she had once been.

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