Miles Morales: Spider-Man #38 - CK Shared Exclusive - Björn Barends

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Writer: Saladin Ahmed | Artist: Christopher Allen | Cover: Björn Barends

Limited to 3000 trade dress and 1000 Fan Expo Dallas virgin covers!!!

Purchase the trade dress solo OR in a mini-bundle with TWO Marvel mystery exclusives!!!

NEXT STOP...THE EMPIRE OF THE SPIDER! MILES and SHIFT's hunt through the Multiverse lands them...back in Brooklyn?! It's NOT the home they know, but the EMPIRE OF THE SPIDER! A timeline where Miles' clone SELIM is victorious, and the only thing standing in the evil Spider-Man's way is a rebellion led by General GANKE and a very grown-up and extremely badass Capitán BILLIE!

**This item is expected to ship in made-June 2022; please allow at least 26 additional weeks for CGC copies, which will likely ship in early February 2023. Comic Kingdom Creative will not be offering or accepting refunds for any delayed comics that are out of our control. We appreciate your understanding.

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