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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Stranger Things #2 - 1:25 Ratio Variant - DAMAGED COPY - Fero Pe

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Writer: Cameron Chittock | Artist: Fero Pe | Cover: Fero Pe

Escape from TCRI! With Eleven in the grasp of Baxter Stockman, it's up to Raphael and Donatello to devise a plan to bust her out before her powers can be used by the evil genius. Meanwhile, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Will, Lucas, and Dustin brave the depths of the NYC subway system, getting closer to a portal to the Upside Down that's been unleashing Demogorgons into the tunnels. And what they'll find on the other side is something not even NYC has seen before.

**We are unable to offer a grading guarantee on dinged and damaged products, or detail specific damage on each book. Estimated grades are between 8.5 and 9.2 on all dinged and damaged comics.