Catwoman #64 - CK Shared Exclusive - FOIL C2E2 & Calgary Expo Exclusive - SIGNED - Sozomaika

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Limited print run of 2000 FOIL C2E2 and Calgary Expo virgin covers!!! Signed by the cover artist w/COA!!!

Writer: Tini Howard | Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico | Cover: Sozomaika

NINE LIVES ENTERS ITS SIXTH CHAPTER! Selina has carried out almost every lethal heist on the face of the earth, so now it's time to head to space! In a universe full of interplanetary heroes and villains, secrets get left behind in strange places, and one in particular has caught the Catwoman's eye. As she approaches a familiar, yet abandoned station, she might want to watch her back--for she's not the only one walking among the stars!

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