Amazing Spider-Man #59 & Miles Morales: Spider-Man #23 - CK Exclusive Connecting Covers - Tyler Kirkham

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Limited print runs of 3000 trade dress and 1000 virgin covers!!!

Amazing Spider-Man #59
Writer: Nick Spencer | Artist: Marcelo Ferreira | Cover: Tyler Kirkham
• Mr. Negative is back and wants only one thing - Martin Li. But how is that possible?
• Spider-Man is still reeling from the Kindred affair and Peter will not stand for anything else to be taken away from him.
Rated T

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #23
: Saladin Ahmed | Artist: Carmen Nunez Carnero | Cover: Tyler Kirkham
• There are symbiote dragons in Brooklyn, but that's not the worst thing Miles has to face today...
• Knull has taken one of his best friends and is using them to go after the Spider-Man he met back in ABSOLUTE CARNAGE!
• Will Miles sacrifice his friend to save himself?

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