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Bugs Bunny's Christmas Funnies #8

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A Dell Giant Comic. Creator credits unknown. Stories: "Bugs Bunny and the Ambushed Santa Claus" 20 pages. Porky Pig in "The Free Tree Spree". 10 pages. Mary Jane and Sniffles in "Helping Santa's Helpers: 6 pages. Henry Hawk in "The Shilly-Shally Shopper" 6 pages. Elmer Fudd in Soft Hearted Santa" 8 pages. Suzanne in "The Super Snow Man" 7 pages. Speedy Gonzales and Little Pancho Vanilla in "The Hurry-Up Holdup" 10 pages. Daffy Duck in "Rage In A Cage" 8 pages. Petunia Pig in "The Unexpected Present" 5 pages. Tweety and Sylvester in "Gift-Wapped Goodie" 7 pages.

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