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Count Draco Knuckleduster #1 - Exclusive Variant Bundle - Various Artists

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Writer: Joseph Schmalke, Peter Goral | Artist: Joseph Schmalke

One new cover revealed every day!!! Limited print runs of 250 each!!!

06/14: Ryan G. Browne
06/15: Jason Lynch
06/16: Scott McFarland
06/17: Ben Bishop
06/18: Joseph Schmalke, Peter Goral

Scout Comics' Black Caravan Imprint: The Curse of the Cryptocrystalline Stone continues in 2021! Follow the Cosmic Ghoul Warrior and young psychic, Acele Aerglo, as they embark on the next chapter of an adventure that will take them from the vastness of The Void to the depths of an aquatic moon crawling with fantastic creatures! This action-packed tale of sinister celestial sorcery continues, this time told from behind the mask of the mysterious and malevolent Count Draco Knuckleduster and his Cybernetic Chrononautical Exosuit! Can the curse be broken in time... or is it already too late?

**This set is expected to ship in mid-August 2021. Comic Kingdom of Canada will not be offering or accepting refunds for any delayed comics that are out of our control. We appreciate your understanding.

**All comics are guaranteed 9.2+ or better!