Deadpool #3 - CK Shared Exclusive - John Giang

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Limited to 3000 trade dress A and 1000 virgin B covers!!!

Writer: Alyssa Wong | Artist: Martin Coccolo | Cover: John Giang

GIVE DEADPOOL A HAND! AND ANOTHER HAND! You ever had a stomachache so bad, it felt like something was trying to tear its way out of you? Yeah, Deadpool did too - and it turned out he was right. Looks painful, feels worse?and it's not over yet.

**This item is expected to ship early February 2023; please allow at least 12 additional weeks for CGC graded copies, which will likely ship in June 2023. Comic Kingdom Creative will not be offering or accepting refunds for any delayed comics that are out of our control. We appreciate your understanding.

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