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Dell Giant #34

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Sub-titled: "Nancy and Sluggo Summer Camp". Credits unknown. Stories: "Poor, Poor Sluggo" 4 pages. "The Big Day" 8 pages. "Rollo Takes Off" 6 pages. "Oona Takes the Subway" 4 pages. "Camp Fafamama" 6 pages. "A Night in the Woods" 3 pages. "Musical Beds" 2 pages. "Rocks In Her Bed" 2 pages. "Cousin Djinny" (Oona Goosepimple) 3 pages. "Noses Are Red" 4 pages. "Mountain Fury" 3 pages. "Santa's Summer Visit" 2 pages. "Sluggo's Window" 1 page. "A Meeting With Rollo" 6 pages. "The Dinner Bell" 4 pages. "The Old Ruin" 1 page. "Lost In The Woods" 7 pages. "The Tiger Hunt" 10 pages. "The Operation" 1 page.

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