Lunar Room #1 - Exclusive Variant - Tiago da Silva

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Writer: Danny Lore | Artist: Giorgia Sposito | Cover: Tiago da Silva

Limited print run of 500 virgin covers!!!

Cynthia "Sin" Breaker used to be a lot of things. A werewolf. A mob enforcer for a powerful mage. A name feared on every street of Solar City. But now she's forcibly retired from all those things, trying to get over her past job and past loves.

Zac Zero is a mage with their own agenda, and right now, item #1 is to hire some protection. Normally, Sin wouldn't look twice, but Zero may have the key to getting back the most important thing she ever lost: herself.

**This item is expected to ship mid-December 2021. Comic Kingdom of Canada will not be offering or accepting refunds for any delayed comics that are out of our control. We appreciate your understanding.

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