Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1 - CK Shared Exclusive - John Giang

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John Giang's first-ever Marvel cover!!!

Limited print run of 3000 trade dress and 1000 virgin covers!!!

Writer: Cody Ziglar | Artist: Federico Vicentini | Cover: John Giang

SPIDER-MAN faces the strongest super-powered foes and most dangerous gauntlets the Multiverse can throw his way, and every time MILES MORALES falls, he rises again - stronger than before. Until now. There are some punches you don't get up from and a new villain isn't pulling a single one as they threaten everyone and everything Miles loves. Between school, home, his love life and battling super-charged and upgraded villains night and day - Miles is reaching his breaking point. And when this new foe is finished, Spider-Man's world will be changed forever. Guest-starring MAC GARGAN, A.K.A. THE SCORPION! Don't miss the next Marvel masterpiece from writer Cody Ziglar (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-PUNK) and artist Federico Vicentini (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, WOLVERINE)!
Rated T

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