Punisher #1 - Joe Jusko, Bernie Wrightson

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Punisher #1 - 1998

(W) Tom Sniegoski, Christopher Golden (CA) Joe Jusko, Bernie Wrightson

The moment veteran Frank Castle watched his family mowed down under a hail of bullets, the man he was died. Now the soldier known as the Punisher wages a one man war of his own. As the legend of the "Urban Boogie Man" circulates throughout New York City, Frank Castle faces an internal struggle of his own. Was the battle he's been carrying out against organized crime actually "The Good Fight"? What unbelievable turn of events could bring the maniacal mercenary's life into focus for the first time? And what dramatic repercussions will those events have on the Punisher? This shocking story will find Frank Castle's life brought into focus via a groundbreaking chain of events both past and present. Needless to say, this story promises to present a Punisher unlike any you've seen before as Castle comes to realize that revenge can never be the final answer! 

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