Sheena: Queen of the Jungle #1 - CK Exclusive - Shikarii

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Writer: Stephen Mooney | Artist: Jethro Morales | Cover: Shikarii

Limited print run of 500 virgin covers!!!

The Queen of the Jungle Returns! Featuring an all-star creative team and the most amazing roster of cover artists this side of the jungle!

The thrilling adventure combines the classic elements of the legendary character along with a modern sensibility that will make it the perfect debut for fans new and old!

Sheena is recruited - that's being kind, she's kind of forced to go! - to enter the "bio-dome" -- an amazing synthesis and nature and machine, where something has gone terribly wrong. Outside the dome, she's faced with human trickery and deceit, inside the dome, she faces the deadly jungle and a fast, murdering mystery.

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