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Spider-Man Family - Target Exclusive - Patrick Olliffe

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Writer: Tom DeFalco, Sean McKeever,  C.B. Cebulski | Artist: Ron Lim, Patrick Olliffe, Casey Jones, Kano, Nick Dragotta, Skottie Young | Cover: Patrick Olliffe

Collects Spider-Man Family (2007-2008 Marvel) #1-#3

First up, it's all your favorite folks who don the webs in one story for the first time ever as an old TV program that features Spider-Man and Arana returns to haunt Spider-Girl (guests Spider-Ham & the Spider-Mobile...really!).

Next, a young Spidey's doing his darndest to find allies in his war against crime, but he didn't count on being matchmaker between two bickering heroes! Can the web-slinger get Firestar to chill out and warm Iceman's setting them up on a date?

Finally, Spider-Man is the last survivor of the secret ninja group known as the Spider-Clan...or so he thought. When Peter is attacked at the grave site of his Uncle Ben, he goes on a quest to learn the truth behind his orgins - and he won't like what he learns!

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