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Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #124 - Carl Buettner

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Writer: Carl Barks, Gil Turner, Bob Karp, Bill Walsh, Merrill De Maris | Artist: Carl Barks, Gil Turner, Al Taliaferro, Bill Wright, Floyd Gottfredson, Riley Thomson | Cover: Carl Buettner

Donald Duck in "Billions to Sneeze At 10 pages story and art by Carl Barks. "L'il Bad Wolf" 8 pages, story and art by Gil Turner. "Grandma Duck" 8 pages, art by Riley Thomson. Mickey Mouse in "Mighty Wale Hunter" 12 pages, story by Merrill De Maris, art by Bill Wright. Mickey Mouse in "Goofy's Inheritance". Story by Bill Walsh and art by Floyd Gottfredson. "The Christmas Yarn" (Mickey Mouse plus others). Basically 2 pages of book text with one art panel by unknown. Plus 14 short stories, ranging from half a page to 1 page. All stories by Bob Karp and all art by Al Taliaferro.

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