We Live: Age of the Palladions #2 - MegaCon Exclusive - Inaki Miranda

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MegaCon Orlando Exclusive!!!

Writer: Inaki Miranda, Roy Miranda | Artist/Cover: Inaki Miranda

Time has run out! The shield protecting Megalopolis 9 can fall at any moment. The future of the population is in the hands of the Palladions and the reconnection team, who come across an unexpected obstacle that can only be solved by spilling blood: the blood of an old friend.
Destiny puts Tala and Hototo in the way of a hurtful crossroad that asks them to break their promises. Sometimes hearts are forced to be silent.
Meanwhile, Nesbo and his nomad caravan face the hostility of the New Nature. Hope might be all that they have on their side and the only thing capable of guiding them to a safe port.
Decisions and paths can't be walked back, and storms can't be stopped.
Even when knowing that everything might be lost, forward is the only way to go.

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